Explore Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Scene: An Aromatic Adventure

Aromatic Adventures: Tracing Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route is a guidebook that explores the different stages of the Robusta coffee bean production process in Vietnam. This book provides readers with an in-depth look at the various regions that produce Robusta beans, from the fledgling mountain-sides of the Central Highlands to the more established exporters of the Northern cities. Along with historical and cultural aspects of the coffee industry, this guidebook also provides information on the sustainability practices that have been put in place to ensure quality and the continued success of the industry. From the harvesting of the beans to the packaging of the final product, readers are given a comprehensive overview and understanding of the entire process. Aromatic Adventures: Tracing Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route is the perfect companion for anyone interested in learning more about this world-famous bean, or anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the Vietnamese coffee industry.

Overview of Vietnam’s Robusta coffee scene

Vietnam is one of the world’s leading Robusta producing countries. Robusta coffee has long been a beloved part of Vietnamese culture, providing both flavor and income to farmers across the country.

The Aromatic Adventures: Tracing Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route is a unique travel journey that explores the country’s rich history of coffee. Participants embark on an exploration that takes them from Hanoi to Dalat, Saigon to Hoi An and then up the Central Highlands, known as Vietnam’s Robusta coffee country.

The journey introduces visitors to the art of coffee growing and processing, and takes them around some of the most famous historic and cultural sites in the country, from temples and pagodas, to coffee plantations.

Participants can expect to learn more about Robusta’s unique characteristics and flavorful nuances, gain insight into the lives of local farmers, and enjoy memorable cultural experiences. The tour also takes participants to the highest Robusta-producing area in the Highlands of Vietnam, a region known for its lush forests and stunning landscapes.

During the trip, visitors can sample different Robusta varieties, experiment with traditional brewing methods, and participate in brewing sessions run by local experts. The journey culminates with the opportunity to take part in traditional Vietnamese coffee ceremonies and hear traditional stories from locals.

Idea of an Aromatic Adventure

An Aromatic Adventure is an exciting chance to experience the unique culture and rich aroma of Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route. Along the way, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the history and production of Robusta Coffee in Vietnam, meet local farmers and learn about their sustainable practices, tour local coffee plantations and factories, and sample flavorful local and internationally acclaimed coffees.

At each stop, participants will be able to experience coffee tastings through traditional and modern brewing techniques, and workshops on the science and proper preparation of coffee. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage with their hosts and learn about the sustainable practices and commitment to quality they apply for each batch of Robusta Coffee they produce. Participants will learn about the landscape, geography and history of the region, visiting areas of historical and cultural significance to give context to the nuances of the unique taste, aroma and texture of the local coffee.

At the end of the Aromatic Adventure, participants will have a complete understanding of the coffee production process from farm to cup, and a new appreciation of the unique art and culture of Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route.

What is Robusta?

Robusta is a type of coffee bean grown in Vietnam that is known for its higher caffeine content and bitter taste. The robusta variety has high levels of chlorogenic acid, making it a darker roasting bean that is known for its strong flavor and aroma. It has a relatively low acidity compared to Arabica which makes it easier on the stomach. Robusta is also more resistant to disease and is typically far less expensive than Arabica, making it a popular choice for budget-friendly coffee blends. Vietnam is one of the few countries that produces Robusta on a large scale, making it a great destination for coffee lovers who are looking to explore the incredible flavors of this unique bean. Aromatic Adventures has put together a Robusta Coffee Route to take visitors on a journey throughout Vietnam’s Central Highlands and explore the culture of Robusta coffee production in the region. You’ll have the opportunity to visit local farms, learn about the history of the unique coffee varietal, and sample a variety of ways to enjoy the unique flavor that can only be found in a Robusta coffee.

Origin and Distribution

Aromatic Adventures: Tracing Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route is a travel guide by author and coffee connoisseur Julie Luong. It chronicles the origin and distribution of Vietnam’s Robusta coffee, a type of coffee grown in parts of Southeast Asia and Central and South America. The guide is an exploration of the various coffee processes of Vietnam and the specific coffee regions and houses, as well as providing an in-depth look at the craft of coffee production in Vietnam. The guide also takes readers on a journey to explore the history, culture, biodiversity, sustainability, and economics of working with Vietnamese Robusta. From the marketplaces of Hanoi, to the mountainous terrains of Cat Tien National Park, to the various towns, villages, and provinces in between, this guide offers a comprehensive look at the fascinating and diverse world of specialty coffee in Vietnam.

Types of Roasts

1. Light Roast – A light roast is a coffee bean that has been roasted for a shorter period of time. This produces a lighter-bodied cup of coffee with acidic, fruity, and floral guises, displaying prominent notes of the region’s terroir. The naturally bright flavors of a light roast coffee often complements the deep, earthy flavors associated with Vietnam’s Robusta beans.

2. Medium Roast – A medium roast typically displays a caramel sweetness in the cup, along with nutty, malty, and cocoa flavors. It has a balanced flavor with a milder acidity than a light roast and a body that is heavier than a light roast, but lighter than a dark roast. This type of roast is often used to highlight the natural characteristics of the origin’s Robusta beans, making it the preferred roast for Aromatic Adventures.

3. Dark Roast – A dark roast is a coffee bean that has been roasted for a longer period of time. This produces a heavy-bodied cup with a deep smokiness and a strong flavor. Dark roasts are often used to make espresso-style coffee, as the intense smokiness can stand up to the added sweetness of the milk. However, for Vietnamese coffees, the delicate notes of the origin’s Robusta beans are often drowned out when roasted too dark, making it an unfavorable roast for exploring the nuances of the country’s coffee culture.

Cultural Significance

The Aromatic Adventures tour is an educational and informative way to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural significance of Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route. Since coffee culture is a very important part of Vietnamese culture, the tour helps to bring context to the significance of the region’s coffee production, which dates back centuries. The tour follows a route that crosses several of the cities that were involved in the history of Robusta coffee production, allowing participants to explore different aspects of the production process, coffee farms and the culture of the region. This tour serves to reinforce the importance of coffee culture and its integral role in Vietnamese and international history. It also creates a sense of connection between people around the world who all share a love of coffee. By experiencing the culture of Vietnamese coffee production, visitors can not only gain an appreciation for the product but also for the culture itself.

Coffee and social setting

Aromatic Adventures: Tracing Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route is an exciting opportunity for coffee lovers and adventurers alike to explore the diverse cultural and culinary landscape of Vietnam as they traverse the country on the robusta coffee route. Along the way, participants will learn about the various elements of growing, processing, and tasting coffee including the cultural, environmental, and ethical aspects. In addition to visiting coffee farms, fields, and factories, participants will also have the chance to interact with local communities and learn about their coffee cultures through special events, tastings, and activities. As members of the Aromatic Adventures team, you will get to share stories, laughter, and experiences—all while sipping on the freshest of coffees.

In between tasting sessions, the team may also find some spare time to sample some unique culinary staples of the region. The team will be able to appreciate the region’s diverse culinary landscape and the many dishes to sample— from exquisite noodle dishes like Pho, crunchy spring rolls, and traditional teas to some of the most flavorful desserts in Southeast Asia.

Throughout the journey, you’ll find yourself enveloped in the unique heritage and cultural richness of Vietnamese society. Each day will bring new sights and sounds–from breathtaking mountain views to vibrant city markets. Whether you’re looking for an adventure packed with cultural experiences or a relaxed journey to enjoy the local flavors, Aromatic Adventures: Tracing Vietnam’s

Spirit of the Bean

The Spirit of the Bean is the title of Aromatic Adventures: Tracing Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route, a documentary which celebrates Vietnam’s rich coffee history and culture. This vibrant documentary follows an endearing team of coffee roasters, baristas and even a council of elders on the adventure of discovering the coffees of Vietnam’s rich central highlands.

Through this film, viewers can explore along with those who are passionate about the coffee from this region, learn the history of Robusta coffee production in Vietnam, and gain insight into the importance of this crop in the country. This documentary follows the team as they meet with coffee farmers in the field, as well as leaders and innovators in the industry, and hear the stories of the people and places connected to Robusta coffee.

The team is relentless in their pursuit of understanding and appreciation of the diverse coffee varieties of Vietnam, tracing the flavor of the land, and unearthing the Spirit of the Bean with each sip served.

Coffee Tour

Aromatic Adventures: Tracing Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route is a unique way to experience the robusta coffee of Vietnam. The coffee-filled adventure starts in highland areas to experience villages, traverse mountain terrain, and enjoy a behind-the-scenes view of the farming and processing of robusta coffee. The tour may involve a journey to a secret coffee village, which offers a glimpse into the humble beginnings of the nation’s coffee industry. Participants can learn about the delicate picking, drying and prepping process behind the cup slurping industry.

The tour also allows travelers to revisit iconic locations while discovering rustic charms of Vietnam. This includes colorful city markets, lush paddy fields, and vibrant tea plantations. Adventurers also have the opportunity to explore ancient temples, majestic temples as well as to witness traditional culture, food, and drink specific to the region. Along the way, travelers get to delight in the aromas and tastes of some of the world’s best coffee.

Hotspots in District 1, Ho Chi Minh

* Huong Lien Coffee Shop: Founded in 1939 as one of the oldest coffees in Vietnam, Huong Lien Coffee Shop uses beans from both Robusta and Arabica coffee and produces a unique aroma of coffee that has become iconic in the country. It also features a large Nguyễn family shrine.

* The National Museum of Vietnamese History: Established in 1929, The National Museum of Vietnam showcases artifacts, photographs, and documents related to Vietnamese culture and history. It provides insight into the history of Vietnam’s robusta coffee production and also highlights the transformation of the country from colonial French Indochina to modern-day Vietnam.

* Café Zoom: Café Zoom is a café established in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, and offers coffee and snacks from morning to late. It serves a variety of different local drinks and coffees from Robusta to Arabica. It also features an onsite roastery, where visitors can enjoy exquisite aromas of freshly roasted coffee.

* District 1 Coffee Factory: District 1 Coffee Factory is a unique spot of robusta and Arabica coffee production inside the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City. District 1 Coffee is a small-scale producer of robusta beans and specializes in providing a unique experience of the robusta coffee production process. They offer 17 different flavors of robusta coffee, ranging from traditional, to modern flavors, to organic and wild.

Typical bean shops

Aromatic Adventures: Tracing Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route is a tour that takes coffee lovers on a journey to discover the robusta coffee bean in its native habitat. The tour follows the coffee’s production life cycle, visiting coffee plantations, bean shops, and processing factories to see firsthand how beans are sourced, roasted, and prepared. In the bean shops, participants have the opportunity to purchase freshly roasted robusta beans, sample different types of blends, and learn about the unique flavor notes of each roast. During the tour, participants also learn about the history and traditions of Vietnamese coffee culture and get a chance to visit local coffeehouses to try out authentic drinks like the popular iced ca phe sua da.

Specialty Coffees

Aromatic Adventures: Tracing Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route is an exploration into the heart of Vietnam’s coffee culture. Throughout the Route, you’ll explore the history of Vietnam’s robusta coffee that has made it one of the world’s leading producers of specialty coffee beans. You’ll meet passionate farmers, roasters, baristas, and entrepreneurs that have helped turn a traditional commodity into an eye-catching product. From iconic cafés in the capital city of Hanoi to boutique roasters in remote villages, you’ll journey through the jungle forests and visit coffee plantations to learn about the process from bean selection to cup-tasting. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to try some of the best single-origin and blended Robusta coffees in the world, and see first-hand how these award-winning specialty coffees are made. The Route will introduce you to the unique flavor profiles and explore traditional preparation techniques, giving you an in-depth understanding of why Robusta coffees from Vietnam are so highly sought-after. Additionally, you will also gain an appreciation for the local culture and the hard work behind every cup.

Slow brewed coffee

Slow brewed coffee in the context of Aromatic Adventures: Tracing Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route involves learning the story behind Robusta coffee, a variety that is indigenous to Vietnam, and the unique methods coffee brewers use to bring out the flavorful nuances of the bean. Slow brewed coffee in Vietnam is the practice of patiently steeping freshly ground Robusta coffee beans in a traditional Vietnamese filter, which results in a coffee with a low acidity and an intense, robust flavor. The slow-brewing process of Vietnam’s Robusta coffee can be traced all the way back to the mid-20th century and the cultivation and consumption of Robusta coffee has since become an integral part of the country’s culture. Through Aromatic Adventures, travelers can visit coffee farms, see first hand the traditional methods of brewing Robusta coffee and taste Vietnamese slow brewed coffee in a variety of forms. The journey highlights the distinct and flavorful Robusta bean that is unique to the region, giving visitors a comprehensive understanding of the history and culture behind Vietnam’s favorite coffee.

Brewing techniques

Brewing techniques are an integral part of Vietnam’s “Robusta coffee route” and contribute to the rich flavor of the country’s historically treasured brew. It is said that the traditional brewing method in Vietnam is to slowly heat the water and slowly add the ground, Robusta coffee to the hot water for extraction. This is achieved by either brewing Robusta on an oven stove, on an open wood fire, or using a metal filter.

The slow extraction is critical valuable for coaxing out the most aromatic oils from the Robusta grains. Aromatic Adventures: Tracing Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route, offers travelers the unique opportunity to observe a traditional Vietnamese brewing technique. a unique opportunity to to get a firsthand experience of a traditional brew at home, with proper instructions and guidance.

The traditional brewing method is said to create a milder, smoother cup, with higher levels of caffeine and a more full-bodied flavor than what may be produced by modern methods.


Aromatic Adventures: Tracing Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route is an insightful look into the history, cultivation, and consumption of Robusta coffee in Vietnam. Through engaging narrative and thoughtful observations, readers learn about the intricacies of the coffee industry in Vietnam, as well as its importance to the nation’s economy and culture. The book provides an overview of the coffee’s journey, from its origins in Congo to its role in Ninh Binh province, while offering an in-depth look at how local farming practices and harvesting processes have preserved its unique flavors. Additionally, the journey highlights unique stories from the coffee growers themselves, bringing to life the culture and pride associated with Vietnam’s coffee industry. With captivating imagery and stories, Aromatic Adventures: Tracing Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route is an inspiring tribute to Vietnam’s coffee industry, demonstrating the country’s deep respect and appreciation for its coffee heritage.

Summary of trip

Aromatic Adventures: Tracing Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Route is a tour that takes people across Northern and Central Vietnam to explore local coffee culture. Participants will have the opportunity to visit some of the country’s most beloved plantations, participate in traditional coffee-making ceremonies, enjoy local cuisine, and learn about the methods and techniques used to roast and grind the country’s famous robusta beans. Along the way, travelers will be able to sample some of Vietnam’s best coffee, learn about export markets, and interact with coffee farmers and their families. The tour culminates with a trip to Hanoi to experience the lively streets and culture of the capital city.

Why explore Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Scene?

Exploring Vietnam’s Robusta Coffee Scene is an Aromatic Adventure like no other. It’s a journey that takes you to some of the most unique coffee-growing regions in Vietnam, from the highlands of Dalat to the tropical climates of the Mekong Delta. As you journey along the Robusta Coffee Route, you’ll get to sample some of the finest robusta coffees in Vietnam, from flavoured blends to singular varietals. Along the way, you’ll discover some of the country’s finest cafes and coffee roasters, as well as local markets, roadside stalls, and traditional restaurants, all of which feature traditional Vietnamese Robusta coffees. You’ll also get to take part in coffee-related activities and visit famous coffee houses, so you can take a break from the journey to explore the cultural aspects of coffee drinking in Vietnam. From discovering a whole new side of the country to enjoying the unique aromas of different types of coffee, there’s something for everyone on the Robusta Coffee Route.

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